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Feel a little lost?

Well you've wandered to the right place my friend - I got you!

Ok, so let's be honest, the yoga world can feel a little intimidating and scary when you're new... struggling to keep up with the class or to find 'that inner calm' as you attempt to put your leg behind your head (OUCH!).

I hear you - and that's why I created this online course for beginners. Together we'll explore the world of yoga, I'll guide you step by step as we build a solid foundation and understanding for this beautiful practice.


Find out more below!

Can't wait to do this thing together,


Starting Your Yoga Journey

Welcome to this online yoga course for beginners - Starting Your Yoga Journey.


Here is what is included:

- INTRO: Your Yoga Set Up (5 mins)

- CLASS 1: Intro to Breath and Meditation (20 mins)

- CLASS 2: Setting The Foundations (45 mins)

- CLASS 3: Finding Your Vinyasa (45 mins)

- CLASS 4: Discovering Twists (45 mins)

- CLASS 5: Discovering Backbends (45 mins)

- CLASS 6: Hips and Hamstrings (55 mins)

- CLASS 7: Finding Balance (50 mins)

- CLASS 8: Crow and Basic Binds (55 mins)

- CLASS 9: Slowing Down (45 mins)

- CLASS 10: Piecing It All Together (55 mins)

- BONUS: 3x Guided Meditations and Breathwork

- BONUS: 3 Playlists to compliment your practice


*pricing is in USD, to get an up to date conversion of your currency visit here.

  • SYYJ Online Course

    One off fee - lifetime access

The gift of yoga

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We were all beginners once

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