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Yoga teacher, ex dancer and a double Sagittarius!

Need I say more?

My story

Growing up in the performing arts industry as a dancer, movement has always been a big part of my life. I first discovered yoga in my late teens when a friend taught me the ashtanga primary series (how about throwing yourself in at the deep end hey!!). All I remembered from the series was the sun salutations and this is what I did pretty much every day for the next few years (just me, my mat - and probably terrible form)! But it was this simple, yet truly effective, practice that sparked my deep love for yoga. I soon grew more and more interested, getting to as many classes as I could - discovering the profound benefits and enjoyment of all elements of the yoga practice. I continue to be just as curious and passionate today - continuing to study anatomy, pre/post natal, neuroscience, breathwork, sequencing, sound healing and anything else I can get access too. 


As a teacher

I believe consistency is key, and through a consistent practice we begin to see real change. I like to encourage my students to explore with playful transitions, shapes and movement - drawing inspiration not only from the yoga asana practice, but mobility, dance and lots more.


I strive to hold space in a way that allows my students to explore not only their physical capabilities, but also giving time for introspection, self care and love. Hoping that this space, and the practice of yoga, can lead to changes in ourself that go way beyond the yoga mat.

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